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Epic Kayaks Named Sponsor of The Lanier Lap

“Epic is excited to be part of the Lanier Lap. As a brand, we are focused on performance and efficiency, and Joshua's lofty goal of a 4-day, 400-mile circumnavigation of Lake Lanier seemed a perfect fit,” said Epic Kayak’s Bruce Poacher. For my training leading up to it—including The ‘Toona Run—I will be paddling the Epic V10 Surfski with an Epic Full Carbon construction ProGrip Series Wing paddle above. Check out the jaw-dropping vessel…

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RailRiders Named Sponsor of The Lanier Lap

Jared Zissu, point man from RailRiders, said, “RailRiders is proud to be partnering with Josh Forester. His background in extreme endurance sports and harsh environments makes him an ideal Team RailRiders athlete.  Josh is attempting to circumnavigate Lake Lanier by kayak non-stop.  Along the way, he will be testing and evaluating different styles from RailRiders and we are looking forward to some great imagery, testimonials, and a cool adventure story as well.”

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