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Mount Rainier/Winter Denali Seminar - Day 5

The conditions on the descent reminded me of my Mount Washington summit.  The visibility and temperature were not quite as bad, but similar enough to have flashbacks.  As we moved down, the whiteout was disorienting.  Even while moving, it was very hard to discern whether the next step would have us move up or down and to what degree.  Faraway rocks appeared closer, and ledges and ridge lines were camouflaged in the flurry.  After hiking for an hour or so, my goggles were covered in a sheet of ice, and our clothing and packs in rime…

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Mount Rainier/Winter Denali Seminar - Days 1-2

Because while they Netflix the latest documentary from their couch, we are digging platforms in the snow for tents.  While they are sipping hot chocolate at the ski lodge, we are hunkering around a stove melting snow for water.  And while they thumb through the photo books, we are taking in the scenery the camera simply could not capture…

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