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Who is Joshua Forester

The amount of pre-race organization that is involved in racing Eco-Challenge Fiji is unfathomable. I needed a full-time staff member to deal with all of the logistics. I took on the majority of the work getting the gear requirements, schedule and logistics, and team roster established. But thankfully, I was fortunate enough to have teammates who stepped it up and pitched in as the race approached. I do a ton of organizational work for some adventure groups I lead in the Atlanta area (over 40+ trips planned in 2018), and so I'm pretty dialed with it. But Eco-Challenge Fiji was on another level…  READ MORE


Columbia Magazine, fall 2019 — rebecca Shapiro

Outward Bound: A Data Scientist Competes in one of the World’s Toughest Endurance Tests

The Eco-Challenge — an eleven-day, twenty-four-hour-a-day race across the jungles and mountains of Fiji — is perhaps the toughest endurance event in the world. And this year, Joshua Forester ’04CC will be among the competitors. A former Columbia track and cross-country star, Forester spends his days as a data-science researcher on a Department of Defense contract at Georgia Tech, but he dedicates his weekends to running, mountain biking, rock climbing, and backpacking — “If it’s outside and self-powered, I’m game.”  READ MORE



Heading to the World’s Toughest Race: Eco-Challenge Fiji

In my case with Eco-Challenge, I have accepted the responsibility of both preparing myself for the event and organizing our team towards completing the race. After all, it is finishing—not starting–that is the actual goal. In fact, so much of my energy has been aligned to reaching the finish line that it is really hard to visualize myself with my childhood idols, shoulder-to-shoulder and toeing the same starting line. This is perhaps the humility in me speaking. And at the same time, it is even harder not wanting to replace them. This is perhaps the hunger in me, my teenage ambition–still alive and well–speaking louder…  READ MORE


KNOE News, july 15th 2019 — what’s your story

What's Your Story: West Monroe native paddles around massive Lake Lanier

Meet a West Monroe native who beat mother nature and pulled off an incredible feat. VIEW SHOW


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Joshua Forester completes Lanier Lap

Lake Lanier seems to lure strong-willed adventurers who chase extraordinary goals between its shores. Legends of the lake have put their bodies on the water for miles facing down challenges unfathomable to the average lake lover. A new one joined their ranks in June on a 400-mile journey-by-kayak around the lake in less than a week…  READ MORE


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Local Man kayaks 400 miles along Lake Lanier Shoreline

He’s accomplished things that many people will never even attempt, and his most recent adventure involved kayaking more than 400 miles of shoreline in Lake Lanier. The feat has been appropriately dubbed “The Lanier Lap.”

“I conjured it up about 10 years ago and the seed was planted,” Forester said. “I was out here paddling on Lake Lanier with some friends for an adventure race that I was looking to participate in, and we did a circle around the main body here, about 50 miles, and I thought to myself at the time - I wonder what it would be like to actually paddle this thing around the entire shoreline and how many miles that would be? It wasn't until 10 years later and so this year that I thought you know what I should do this now, I think it's time…”  VIEW SHOW


gainesville times, june 13th 2019 — NATHANIEL BERG

Kayaker Josh Forester finishes Lanier Lap, calls it harder than summiting Denali

As Josh Forester paddled toward Tidwell Park on the night of Wednesday, June 12 — nearly a full week after he set off on the first ever attempted circumnavigation of Lake Lanier in one sitting — he saw lights flashing in the distance. He wasn’t entirely sure what all the commotion was about, but he had a hunch. When the dock marking his final destination came into view, Forester’s suspicions were confirmed…  READ MORE


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Adventurer almost half way through his "Lanier Lap" of Lake Lanier

The forecast for the rest of the weekend includes a Flash Flood Warning for the area through Sunday evening and more rain. "A lightning storm is not something that I do. I'm not like a thrill-seeker that seeks out danger," Forester said. "But I've paddled during thunderstorms down rivers where they have, you know, tall objects along side the shore before and I've never really felt threatened by it. I mean, that may prove foolish. We'll see…"  READ MORE


Blue ridge Outdoors, june 2019 issue — will harlan


Any quotes or mantras that you rely on? “It’s more of a general theme that suffering both reveals and improves upon character. If you really to want to get to know someone, go through something soul-crushingly hard with them. It will reveal who they are. Every now and then, you should get to know yourself in the same way…”  READ MORE


gainesville times, may 31st 2019 — NATHANIEL BERG

Forester sets out for unusual claim to fame on Lake Lanier

For a task as daunting as the Lanier Lap, he knew he had to be fully conditioned, both physically and mentally. A 400-mile paddle is not an experience that is easily simulated, but Forester leaned on his distance running background to find the best training regimen.

“Honestly, there’s not a lot you can do to prepare for it other than say regular paddle training,” he said. “Regular paddle training for me is like going pretty hard for two to three hours. And then I’ll have a weekly or so paddle where I’ll do it four to six hours, maybe seven if I’m really feeling good. Those sorts of things will kind of build you up physically so you don’t break when you start to do it...”  READ MORE


ATLANTA 11ALIVE, may 23RD 2019 — atlanta & Company

In Good Company: Joshua Forester

The Lanier Lap! Adventurer Joshua Forester shares his exciting outdoor challenge with Christine Pullara on 'Atlanta & Company'  VIEW SHOW


CHEROKEE TRIBUNE & LEDGER-NEWS, may 10th 2019 — Alex resnak

Forester complete record-breaking trip around Lake Allatoona

Despite the difficulties, Forester finished what ended up being a 168.71-mile trip in just 55 hours.

He camped along the shoreline to rest and moved at an average of 4.4 miles per hour. He paddled while battling physical and mental fatigue.

“It plays into the mental side of things as well,” Forester said. “You’re sitting on a boat not made for long paddles. As it kept going, your back muscles get tired. It hurts just to sit. A lot of back and shoulder muscles get inflamed. You can hear the rotator cuff muscle pop as you paddle. You just have to do what you can to block it out and keep going…”  READ MORE


Endurance Sports and Fitness, JUNE 2018 issue — joshua Forester


In the world of endurance sports, athletes know they moment they reach the low of a competition, and I would encourage them to extrapolate these events to the sport at large.  Two types of lows come to mind, each requiring opposite action to navigate successfully:

1.  Malaise, where an athlete is simply not having fun anymore and wants to go home.  Ultimately, we have to adapt ourselves and kind of go with this.  Fighting it only makes it worse.

2.  "The suck", where an athlete is in agony and does not believe he can complete what he set out to do.  For this, fighting through it is actually the best medicine...  READ MORE


Endurance Sports and Fitness, JUNE 2018 issue — alix shutello

Joshua Forester, Adventure Racer and Meticulous Goal Planner

Joshua Forester comes from an athletic family:   his sister is a veteran distance runner and adventure racer and his brother followed suit.  In 2007, when Forester was in his early 20s, his older siblings convinced him to race the Blue Ridge Adventure Race.  Each of them built their own team; and in the end Forester, convinced he and his siblings' teams, was soundly beaten.

"Though our team's fitness level was superior to theirs, we were beaten on account of their experience," Forester said.  "Being the youngest in my family, that didn't sit well with me.  Like any little brother would, I devised a plan for revenge the next day!"

Forester, who over the past 11 years completed almost 60 adventure races, attributes his racing career to that rivalry.  At first, Forester was only interested in beating his siblings; but he soon found himself immersed in the culture... 


Blue Ridge Outdoors Magazine, April 2018 Issue — joshua forester

Why participation medals are undermining what matters most about sports.

When it comes to young children, trophies can be a valuable tool. Alarmingly, however, participation trophies are no longer limited to kindergartners’ field day events and kids’ fun runs. Today, adults circle around Monday-morning water coolers across America, proudly wearing their medals bestowed upon them via pre-race schwag bag from the registration tent of the new fad obstacle course race. Others wear shirts from the latest distance running event, during which they never even toed the starting line because the race offered a “Ghost Runner” registration option (they simply paid the entrance fee from their couches and were shipped an event shirt as if they actually ran the race)...  READ MORE