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NOLS/Mount Baker Ascent - Days 10-14

“Falling!” was what rang in my ears, echoed by Bryan, a software engineer and sea kayaking guide who anchored the team and was presently yet above the smaller crevasse.  I immediately slammed into the hillside of snow beside me, all seventy pounds of my pack and every bit of me underneath it leaning into the shaft of my ice axe.  Quickly, I kick the front teeth of my crampons into the snow and brace for impact—that moment when Matt’s rope finally tensions and shock loads me and potentially everything connecting me to the ground out of place…

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NOLS/Fisher Chimneys to Boulder Route Traverse - Days 7-9

Mostly, I was terrified of being terrified—of having my abilities petrified by fear.  The team would slow on a difficult section and I would chill—not in a good way, but I would stiffen up—both with my body and mind.  Not moving and being in the rhythm of movement makes me not trust my first movements, especially when they are on foreign surfaces, which are everywhere here for me…

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