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The Allatoona Run - Fifty Five Hours in Review

It may be shocking, but when I set out to do The Lanier Lap, I would not consider myself a paddler. My primary strength in adventurer racing has always been that I seem to do fairly well at everything BUT the paddling portions, and for the latter I just do what I can to get through it quickly. In fact, in planning The ‘Toona Run, I realized that it would be seven times longer than I had ever paddled continuously by myself. Which is kind of nuts in an of itself. Separately, there was an issue with training. Looking at it in the beginning of the year and as a potential project for the year, I was already behind on training…

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The Lake Allatoona Run

The ‘Toona Run is the time in motion equivalent to running three 50-mile ultra marathons back to back…to grueling back. To be honest, I’m not sure how my body will respond. But finding out before The Lanier Lap—twice the distance—takes place is my goal. Never have I felt so underprepared for something, and there seems to be such little time between now and then to get that way.

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