Epic Kayaks Named Sponsor of The Lanier Lap

I am proud to announce Epic Kayaks is partnering with me on my latest project—The Lanier Lap. During it, I am planning on a first-ever non-stop 400-mile shoreline circumnavigation of Lake Sidney Lanier. The five day, non-stop paddling endeavor will a first-ever feat in order to set a speed record; paddling continuously for 125 hours, with little to no sleep.

“Epic is excited to be part of the Lanier Lap. As a brand, we are focused on performance and efficiency, and Joshua's lofty goal of a five day, 400-mile circumnavigation of Lake Lanier seemed a perfect fit,” said Epic Kayak’s Bruce Poacher. For my training leading up to it—including The ‘Toona Run—I will be paddling the Epic V10 Surfski with an Epic Full Carbon construction ProGrip Series Wing paddle above. Check out the jaw-dropping vessel:

Introducing the all-new 2018 Epic V10 surfski!

What separates Epic Surfskis and Kayaks from the rest?

Epic Surfskis are designed and assembled to precise specifications. The DNA of each Epic craft comes from a design and manufacturing philosophy that they must perform at optimal efficiency. What does that mean? It means every component on the surfski must perform perfectly and be built to strict standards. It means we go to great lengths to ensure that each Epic is safe, strong, stiff and durable. 

Epic surfskis are designed in the USA by Epic founder and world renowned Sprint Kayaker, Greg Barton. Greg competed in three Summer Olympics, where he won four Olympic medals, including two golds, and has numerous awards in other disciplines including kayak marathon, outrigger and surfski. Greg graduated summa cum laude from one of the top engineering schools (University of Michigan) and combines his theoretical knowledge with his real world experience of competing and winning at the highest level of paddlesports to design the best surfskis on the water. His design philosophy is that every Epic customer should benefit from excellent, performance driven designs that allow them to paddle to the best of their ability, and have fun on the water.

Epic has also been the industry leader in developing and advancing the sport and the craft used. They were the first to introduce the now standard Adjustable single footwell on surfskis, the first to use a closable bailer to drain the cockpit, the first to use Nomex Honeycomb to produce lightweight craft, the first to introduce a stable and user friendly ski, and many more.

Some Specific Epic Surfski design features:

  1.  CAD design.  Epic Surfskis are designed using CAD software. Multiple drag simulation methods are combined with years of real world testing and experience before prototypes are finalized and tested. Our plugs are then CNC cut to ensure perfect transfer of tested design to manufactured boat.

  2.  Optimization.  Epic optimizes each ski design for its intended use—taking into account the skill of the paddler and conditions they are likely to encounter. We balance low drag hulls with desired stability, rocker profile and handling characteristics. Whether you’re a beginner wanting to have fun, an intermediate paddler racing on smaller bodies of water or an expert surfing full ocean downwind conditions, Epic has the perfect ski for you!

  3.  Front Deck Cutaways. Epic's signature cutaway front deck designs allow a close, efficient catch at the start of every stroke.

  4.  Lightweight, High Tech Materials. We use the highest grade materials possible for each level of our skis. All of our skis have carbon reinforcement. We use increasing amounts of Kevlar and Carbon as you move up the Epic range.  

  5.  Heat Cure. All Epic surfskis are cured at elevated temperatures under vacuum to create the strongest and lightest surfskis on the market. This adds cost to the manufacturing process, but ensures the finest quality and stiffness.

  6.  Comfort.  We are well known in the industry for our comfortable cockpits and surfski seating positions. A surfski cockpit design is a science and every Epic surfski is carefully designed for optimal comfort.  Greg has logged well over 10,000 hours sitting in kayak seats and cockpits of various configurations. What started as modifications to his Olympic sprint seats and foot braces to make them more comfortable and responsive has continued in optimizing today’s Epic cockpits for maximum comfort and performance. 

  7.  Ergonomic Handles.  Many of the wider Epic surfski designs include ergonomic carry handles on the bow, stern and on each side. This makes our surfskis easier to handle out of the water and when remounting in deep water.

  8. Adjustable footboard.  Our footboards are fully adjustable to fit a wide range of paddlers. The adjustment process takes a few seconds and no tools are needed. Our rudder lines automatically adjust during any footboard adjustment. 

  9. Epic craftsmen & craftswomen. The Epic manufacturing facility is headed up by master surfski builder, Tyrell Impson who leads a team of highly skilled staff. Many of our manufacturing staff started off their careers as carpenters. Our factory have their own surfski race team, consisting of 14 paddlers who travel and race the surfskis they build. Having our staff understand legendary performance paddling is a key component of our brand.

When you choose a surfski, ask the questions! Who designed the surfski & its components, what is their experience? What materials are used under the skin? How are the surfskis manufactured? Do your research well, have confidence in your choice and see you on the water.