Supporting The Lanier Lap

Apparently The Lanier Lap has been getting some shares around the interwebs, and numerous generous people have reached out to ask how they can help support the project. So I decided to give everyone the skinny below on how you guys can help!

Itinerary for The Lanier Lap:

Let’s start with my plan of attack for The Lanier Lap, which will have me paddling along different shores of Lake Lanier at different times:


The hardest times during The Lanier Lap will naturally be in the latter half, but those also are also more difficult to estimate in terms of when I will be paddling them (live GPS tracking will help during the event). Nevertheless, I am pretty good with estimations and I’ve done my best above to show when I expect to start and finish each stage (with some margin for error), how fast I anticipate being able to travel while paddling, and when and for how long I plan on sleeping.

The Stages of The Lanier Lap

Water-side Support:

If you have an engine- or human-powered watercraft, you can join in the fun!

Boating alongside:

I would certainly welcome boaters wishing to travel with me for some portion of The Lanier Lap.  I'd ask that those looking to support me this way boat alongside or slightly behind me both to minimize engine fumes and noise but also so as to not accidentally providing wake surfing assistance to my kayak.  Music/partying (sorry, I won't be able to dance with you), conversation, and hot food would be most welcome!  

Paddling with me:

For anybody looking to join by paddling a portion of The Lanier Lap with me (any distance), I'll be paddling an Epic 18x Kayak.  During the first half of The Lanier Lap (Stages 1-4), I hope to be paddling around 4.0-4.5mph while moving.  That will likely slow pretty significantly from Stages 5 on (3mph while moving is not out of the question).  The moral support of having people with me for conversation or otherwise would be huge!

Water-side support Logistics:

If you intend to join waterside either boating or paddling, just use the Contact Me link to give me a brief summary of when you intend to and for how long.  If you have a big boat and wanted some additional guests, I'm sure my fiancée and perhaps even a few other supportive friends of mine would love to jump aboard and party with you alongside me!

Dock Party

Shore-side Support:

For those who live on Lake Lanier and want to support from the shoreline, there are several helpful options!

Sleeping dock:

For the second half of The Lanier Lap, sleep deprivation will become a significant challenge.  If you live on the eastern or southern shores of Lake Lanier and have a couch on your shore or dock (or even just a flat surface I can put a sleeping pad on), I'd really appreciate the option of taking a nap on it for a couple of hours!

Hot food:

Nothing fancy; microwavable burritos, hot dogs, etc go a LONG way when you are restricted to eating granola bars on the water for four days!  I'm definitely willing to wait for the 150 seconds it takes to heat it up!  :P

Fresh water:

Not that I don't love lake water, but leaving a marked gallon of fresh water on your dock for me to use to fill my bottles means I don't have to refill them from Lake Lanier.


If you are looking for an excuse to have a dock party June 6-10th, by all means throw one!  I will definitely need some moral support during the event.  A little goes a long way; in my delirium, I'd probably even interpret a wordless head nod from a stranger reading a book alongside the water as a fan.

Shore-side support Logistics:

If you intend to join in the shore-side support for me, just use the Contact Me link to give me a brief summary of what you intend and what your address is so I can put your dock/location in my GPS.  It may mean lighting your dock at night and/or marking it somehow as well.


Other Support:

Spreading the word:

Don’t be shy. I’m on Facebook; follow me or shoot me a friend request. Feel free to share what I'm doing with others, or point them to the webpage for The Lanier Lap, as the more people that are involved in helping in whatever way, the better my chances of success!

Following along online:

I'll be using GPS tracking to cover my position live during the event.  The live coverage will include 2-way messaging, and I'll certainly appreciate uplifting messages sent during the event!

Give The Lanier Lap sponsors a look:

Epic Kayaks and RailRiders clothing are awesome companies that were very interested early on in not only making The Lanier Lap a possibility, but a success.  They have supported realizing this ambitious goal from the get-go!  They have got absolutely stellar products (some of which I’ll be using for The Lanier Lap), so be sure and check out their websites.


The Lanier Lap Sponsors